Help Save Flappy!

Flappy is a game about the adventures of a lovable little alien on a strange new planet.
Flappy can't fly but thanks to the low gravity on this new found planet he sure can jump!
Use your skills to navigate through the maze of crates. Careful though, Flappy isn't very tough.

About Flappy

Flappy was made on a whim to support fellow indie game developer Dong Nguyen, creator of Flappy Birds.
It turns out there was also a FlappyJam going on at the same time so Flappy was added into the mix.
Flappy was created by Kevin Pybus.


We are raising funds to buy the necessary license required to bring Flappy to Android and iOS.
If we reach our goal of $120 we plan to polish off various game details and add a proper HUD with all sorts of fancy options.

How To Play

In this game inspired by the short lived Flappy Birds app you have only one goal, clear as many crates as you can before smashing face first into one!
The more crates you clear the higher your score. You can clear your high score and start fresh by pressing "C". Use your left mouse button to jump.

Good luck and ...try not to rage!